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Principal's Desk Message

   In my new assignment as the Principal of the school that for the past few years, while steering the educational system, one important lesson I have learnt is that students should be equipped fully with armour of characters, discipline, confident, morality, sincerity and hard work. Imparting knowledge in various disciplines no doubt is also very important but unless it is balance with the elements as mentioned the products of our institution will not be of great usefulness to the society or the state even the country at large.

   I feel it is a challenge to our institution to produce such quality students who will be an example and also whom the society can trust and depend upon in course of future. Students enrolled in our institution are from various background and we as a team we assured you our best to raise the standard of your child to your expectation along with your whole hearted cooperation with us.

   The school environment is considered as the next home of each and every student. Parents / guardians have their role at home while maximum time of the students is being spent in the school itself, therefore it is an opportunity for us to mould up your child since his cradle stage till he become fully mature to exit the door for next higher studies.

   It has also been observed that due to various valid reasons, parents need to shift their child to another institution whereas some parents just shifted their child for reasons best known to them. This practice of shifting the child, while half way of his learning, had tremendously affected the mentality, grooming environment and also the adaptation in the new academic environment of the child studies. The tender age of the child we need to understand it is not as easy as what we may perhaps think he could be adaptable to the new environment since this will take time for the child to grow and adjusted in the new atmosphere.

   It is therefore our sincere appeal to all parents that except in unavoidable circumstances do not transfer your child to any other institutions but allow him to grow and learn with us until we could equip your child fully as mentioned above to enable him to face the next challenge of life.

   We as the academic institution we grow steadily, though not rapidly. As we progress with time we are having so many plans and creativities to make our institution at par with all the national leading academic institution of our country keeping in mind not to compromise the standard and quality we have maintained so far. Your Child is our priority. Therefore, we as a team and together with your continual support for his / her betterment, let us together aim to focus and built the overall development and progress of your pupils.

   Meanwhile, I am proud to state that our well experienced and trained teachers are enough to equip yourpupils to the best of his overall educationaldevelopment. Since the School inception, we always maintained an environment of home - friendly paying attention to each and every single individual with a focus no one should left behind.

   In brief, for those who choose to enrol your child with us, I congratulate and welcome you for having opted the right choice for the academic excellence of your child. Our Thirty one long years of journey in providing and imparting the best educational upbringing, have given ample proof through our outstanding products that serve the society in various responsibilities and professionalism.

   For the next academic year of 2023, we will expand our field of excellence in matter relating to vocational activities. These activities as a humble beginning, we seek to find out the inherent potential and skilfulness of the child by providing coaching in FOOTBALL and MUSIC. We will take admission in these fields right from cradle stage till higher classes with an aim that the child one day can make his career through eitherone of these fields. Lots are yet in our plans but we believe in one step at a time.

   I wish all the very best to the new batch of students and also my best wishes to those parents who have been part of the family of Ches' Stars School. May God continue to guide and bless you all.

Thanking you